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Just an ordinary salaryman who is interested in photography, buses and all things retro.

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  1. Leonard Lee Says:

    I am 55 years old. I used to travel in those STC buses (NISSAN UD) during my teens. Unfortunately I never take any photos of those STC buses as I didnt have a camera then.

    If you have any old photos of stc buses, can you please show them on the website?

    If you can, I will only look at them with fond memories. Thanks, Leonard

    • bigbus Says:

      The book “Singapore – a History of its Trams, Trolley buses and Buses Vol 1 & 2” available at the Victoria Street National Library reference section contains alot of photos of old STC buses. You can go and take a look. If you are interested to buy a copy, the books are also available for sale at the website :

    • Guek Har Says:

      My late father used to be a bus conductor and I have a precious photo if you’d to see it.

      I am looking to see if there’s anyone on earth that sell these model buses.


  2. Andrew Says:

    bigbus – just dicovered your blog today – think I’ll have many hours enjoying your excellent posts.

    Thank you very much for the publisher’s link above. I was recently given a copy of “Singapore – A History of its Trams, Trolleybuses and Buses Vol 1 – 1880s to 1960s” which was purchased in a 2nd bookshop in Scotland. Having no idea where to get anything else of a similar subject matter your link has solved that problem.

    Meantime I’ll probably drop into the library and have a look at their copy of Vol 2 as you suggested.


  3. Dee Dee Says:

    Hello there,

    I love your blog, fantastic!! My favourites are the lost/old bus terminals etc ones.

    I have a list of bus terminals/depots that I have not much clues to their locations or whereabouts, maybe you may wish to find out more abt them (if you haven’t) ??

    1- Upp Changi Rd 13.3km /15.5km
    2- Jln Tapisan Ayer (Near Upp Changi Rd 13.3km) Depot
    3- Bedok Rd (Bedok Corner)
    4- Somapah Depot/Terminal
    5- Old Upp Changi Rd (Near Track 6 @ Chai Chee)
    6- Changi Rd Depot (Near Kembangan)
    7- Kaki Bukit Malay Settlement
    8- Upp S’goon Rd 10.5km
    9- Upp Thomson Rd (Near Sembawang Hills Circus)

    Thank you!

  4. michael tai Says:

    Dear bigbus,
    So glad that there are people like you and in this blog who love heritage & more important share your photographs and repository of memoirs. Keep it up.
    You got a new fan this morning.
    I managed to get two copies of that book you recommened via Amazon.
    In it , the part of the history of spore trams and of the Mackenzie Rd alone was priceless. Will try post some fotos from this book when i learn to do it. .Michael (only 59yrs young)

    • bigbus Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You too can start a blog. I am sure there will be a lot of interesting stories from the past.

  5. Alex Says:

    Hi I rememered SBS had this Leyland bus in the late 70’s, with long front overhangs, and loud bassy engines. They used to ply along Toa Payoh Lorong 2, where I used to stay. Do you know the bus model, and have any pictures of them? The unique things about that bus was the long front overhang, and the exit is right at the end (behind the rear axle) of the bus.

  6. Alex Says:

    The bus service was either 153 or 147 IIRC. The bus resembles this one in the picture. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-mSjICi066wI/UCDnJKGJhGI/AAAAAAAAA5g/1FHYAXMHH3s/s768/llllll.jpg

    • bigbus Says:

      They are French built Berliet PGK205. There were only 20 of them, originally all deployed on route 20. Towards the end of its life span, they were all transferred to route 153.

  7. Alex Says:

    Hi, thanks for the confirmation! Do you happen to have any pictures of these buses plying the 153 route? I’ve searched the net but can’t find any.

  8. Laguna Says:

    Hi bigbus, thanks for the blog. Really brought back memories. Like you, I love anything with 4 wheels or more. I had lived in Ghim Moh when Berliets served the neighbourhood. The unique engine sounds was one of the features too.


  9. Singapore Memory Project Says:

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  10. Samantha Sng Says:

    Very interesting blog on buses. Thanks for your efforts to document it. Incidentally do you know of any old buses (1970s or earlier) that still runs and out and about today?

    • bigbus Says:

      None. Maximium life span of buses is 20 years.

      • Samantha Sng Says:

        I’m looking for an old bus to shoot for 1960-70 old Singapore. Can you offer any help on this part? I’ve been searching across the causeway and they have a few but I’ve been informed that empty buses cannot enter Singapore. Adui..

      • bigbus Says:

        Sorry I can’t. Rather than bring the old bus here, why don’t you shoot it in Malaysia.

  11. Lai Says:

    Dear Mr. Lee,
    I am looking for old bus chassis to design a restaurant. Do you know where can I get those old scrap bus chassis? Just try my luck as I was amazed reading this blog of yours regarding bus route history 😉

    • bigbus Says:

      You can ask around the junkyards at Kranji Loop, they may be able to help.
      Alternatively you can look out for SBST and SMRT tender to buy scrap buses in their website or newspapers.

  12. Sohkiak Chang Says:

    may i have permission to use the photo of the 70s style milestone for my documentary about history of singapore’s campaigns. It’d be great to talk about the old milestone system

  13. Kai Says:

    Hi bigbus. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a couple of years and the author of http://sgschoolmemories.blogspot.sg/. Presently I’m preparing for an upcoming exhibition showcasing the history of Singapore’s 300+ Chinese-medium school from the 19th and 20th century and is drafting a map that contains the locations of all the Chinese schools. Have been researching from all sources I can find, including all the maps that you have on your blog as well 🙂 On this note, wanna ask if there is a chance if I could borrow the directory for 1-2 days for me make a quick reference to the draft map I have on hand. I’ve included my email in the text box so we can follow up via email. If its not convenient, its ok as well! Many thanks 🙂

  14. Stephen lee Says:

    there was once bus burning by protestor in Persian keliling, now circuit rd back in between 1970s, do you have any picture then, I couldn’t remember the exact yr.

  15. Hairie AR Says:

    I was born there …my childhood days till I finished my NS in 1979.This place defiitely bring back fond memories .the famous Blue Keppel bus.

  16. pughal Says:

    Hello, I also have been fascinated by our local buses since young. I remember seeing a bus at kampong kapor in the early 70s. I think it was a guy arab bus, It had a single entrance/ exit at the rear (same like old double deckers in the UK) with a silver pot on the engine hood at the front. Also remember it was STC green. Have you seen the silver pot bus? Any pictures? Thank you.

  17. Ferine Tan Says:

    Hi Bigbus

    Thanks so much for sharing your blog!
    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks again for your time!

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