The 4S service

The 4S service, which stands for supplementary school service scheme was announced to the press in December1978 by SBS. The initial plan was to operate a pilot service at Tanjong Katong area from 6 to 7pm to guage the response. The area was chosen because of a large concentration of schools and it will be extended to other areas with similar high concentration of schools.
The service basically run along major school corridors to pick up students after school so as to allow students a better chance to reach home earlier, students will not need to rush with other regular commuters going home in the evening.
The service started in January 1979 when the new school term began. Instead of a trial, SBS decided to go ahead and introduce 7 services :16S, 41S, 100S, 135S, 156S, 172S, 180S
The company will use a total number of 10 buses and the fare will be a flat rate of 20 cents.
A Mercedes OF1413 bus on 156S (route number photoshopped) :
 photo 156S_zpsa08d3fa4.jpg
In theory, it was a good scheme. The bus should reach the bus stop just immediately after the school dismissed the students so that the bus will be packed only with students. In practice, it was a hit and miss affair. Sometimes the bus arrives too late due to traffic congestion, all the students would have taken the regular buses. The 4S buses are not allowed to pick up adults resulting in an empty bus completing the trip.


2 Responses to “The 4S service”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    They need to bring this back,for all schooling area of Singapore

  2. 123ABC Says:

    Nice…something not so common..

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