Golden Arrow

In 20 Nov 1978, SBS operating the Blue Arrow services requested Singapore Airport Bus Services to join in the scheme as a trial. SABS operates a fleet of Mercedes aircon coaches and 3 of them will be deployed on Blue Arrow 301 route operating from Katong to Shenton Way. These buses were known as Golden Arrow 301 service and charges a flat fare of $1.
It will operate 5 trips in the morning from Monday to Saturday one way. There will be no evening service as SABS’s coaches were needed for the airport services.
 photo goldenarrow_zps294a2460.jpg
The response from the public was poor. The main complaint is the fare of $1 is too high compared to the Blue Arrow’s non aircon fare of 40 cents. The service was eventually terminated on 24 Jan 1981.
That was not the end of Golden Arrow. Another attempt was made to introduce Golden Arrow 308 plying the same route as Blue Arrow 308. There were only 3 trips in the morning. This service too was withdrawn due to poor ridership. The public had not accepted aircon bus services which came with much higher fares. Airon buses reappere many years later when SBS introduced aircon service on route 168, it was a success, paving way for eventual air conditioning of their entire fleet of buses. The main reason was the fare of the route 168 aircon buses was only slightly higher than normal fares unlike the Golden Arrow services, something which the public was willing to pay.


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