Mercedes Benz LP300 series

The first Mercedes buses used by local stage bus companies were the LP3xx series. Katong Bedok was the pioneer. This is a Katong Bedok Mercedes LP312 laying over at Bedok Road bus terminus :
 photo kbbs_zps6262110f.jpg
The Mercedes LP3xx series were originally manufactured as trucks from 1959 to 1964.
The abbreviation “LP” stands for “Lastwagen Pullman” (Pullman truck)
L = lastwagen (German for truck)
P = “Pullman”
The term “Pullman” was borrowed from American streamlined passenger trains designed by George Mortimer Pullman known as Pullman trains.
The 3 digits followed the letter LP denote the engine type. This model designation was used by Mercedes from 1954 to 1963 :
LP312 = truck chassis, OM312 engine.
After 1963, Mercedes use the more familiar LPxxxx where the first 2 digits represent the weight and the last 2 digits denotes the horsepower :
LP1113 = truck chassis, 1100kg, 130hp.
Three models of the LP3xx series were used by local bus operators :
LP312, OM312 engine, 90hp, 4.6L
LP321, OM321 engine, 110hp, 5.1L
LP322, OM322 engine, 126hp, 5.675L
Many of the LP322 survived to the formation of SBS in 1973.
Video shots taken from the old Malay comedy film Mat Tiga Suku (crazy Mat) showed a Katong Bedok Mercedes LP312 arriving at a bus stop :

This another Katong Bedok bus, a LP321. Note that this bus retained the original truck front with the 1 piece windscreen and elliptical shape radiator grill, a trend which local body builders used to build Mercedes buses up to the late 1970s :

Acknowledgement : Photo from F. W. York, History of Singapore Trams, Trolley Buses and Buses


2 Responses to “Mercedes Benz LP300 series”

  1. ed. Says:

    Nice elaborations….

    I have seen Green Bus route 170 that ply to J. Bahru of this series (LP 321) in late 60’s (even ride on it to Woodlands to buy fruits) .

    In Malaysia very rare to find this model. I have noted the foll. bus operators having this series.
    1. Rengan Bus Co, Kluang – 1 piece windscreen
    2. Town Bus Service, Malacca – 1 piece windscreen
    3. Patt Hup Transport, Malacca – 1 piece windscreen
    4. Foh Hup Omnibus, Kuala Lumpur – 2 piece windscreen (largest operator of this series)
    5. Len Bus Co, Kuala Lumpur – 2 piece windscreen
    6. Ipoh Internal..later Ipoh Omnibus, Ipoh – 1 piece windscreen (still using in late 80s)
    7. Kinta Omnibus Co, Ipoh. – 1 piece windscreen

    Later, the model LP1113 is more popular (more than half of West Malaysia bus operators using this model).

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