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Old bus terminus – Telok Blangah Street 32

December 31, 2014

In the quiet neighborhood of Telok Blangah Street 32 opposite the multi storey car park is the former bus terminus of SBS route 16 :
 photo tbs32a_zps6f4b7226.jpg
Another view of the stretch of road with current feeder bus service 273 passing by :
 photo tbs32b_zps4d506a9c.jpg
This is the map of the location :
 photo mtbs32_zps90606edf.jpg
Route 16 was later diverted to terminate at Bukit Merah interchange.

Sentosa Part 7

December 24, 2014

When the contract of SBS Leisure with SDC ended, a new operator was selected to operate the bus services on the island. The new operator is Woodlands Transport. A fleet of Japanese and Scania coaches with a new orange livery were used.
An Isuzu LT133P laying over at Seah Imm Road bus terminus :
 photo sentosa15_zps2b7f0dcb.jpg
Scania L113CRB exiting a traffic round about at Artillery Avenue :
 photo sentosa16_zps6adc6e19.jpg
Fuso RM117N arriving at Underwater World bus stop :
 photo sentosa17_zpsc89d2f9f.jpg
Woodlands Transport will be the last contracted bus operator for Sentosa. After the contract expired, SDC purchased a fleet of brand new Volvo B7RLE low entry buses. More buses were later added which make up the current fleet including Higer, Volvo B7RLE open top double deckers, Volvo B7R, Volvo B12BLEA, Isuzu NQR, Severn Lamb and King Long.

Sentosa Part 6

December 17, 2014

Road link to Sentosa island was opened in December 1992. In conjunction with the opening of the Sentosa Causeway, SBS began operating bus services to the island under contract with SDC. Visitors will have an alternative way of going to Sentosa besides taking the ferry. A fleet of Volvo B10Ms was leased from SBS by its subsidiary company SBS Leisure to operate the buses services.
 photo sentosa13_zpsc452912a.jpg
The interior of the bus with TV and VCR installed :
 photo sentosa12_zpsd1c01b57.jpg
The video play a taped recording introducing the various attractions on the island.
The leased Volvo B10M were returned to SBS when a new fleet of Volvo B10Ms purchased by SBS Leisure were delivered :
 photo sentosa14_zps596402fc.jpg
Unlike the leased B10Ms, these new buses were bodied by Soon Chow using kits from British firm PSV.
SDC continued using their own Mercedes OF1315s and Leyland Olympian open top double deckers on the Green line.

Acknowledgement : National Archives Singapore

Sentosa part 5

December 10, 2014

In 1991 double deckers made its presence again on Sentosa. Sentosa Development Corporation purchased three ex-British double deckers. These double deckers belonged to London Central Bus Company based at Bexleyheath Garage in Kent, London and they were built in 1987. The buses were powered by Gardner 6LXB engine and equipped with Leyland Hydracyclic gearbox. Upon arrival in Sentosa, all of them were converted to open top on the upper deck and aircon was installed on the lower deck. In addition, wooden trims were added on the exterior of the Northern Counties bodywork to give them a retro look
The buses were registered as RU402A, RU403Y and RU404U. The lower deck aircon was later abandoned and sliding windows were installed :

 photo Sentosa9_zps9c52d3bf.jpg

Besides the three double deckers, SDC also added three brand new single deck Mercedes OF1315s, a departure from its previous policy of only acquiring second hand buses. These buses were built by Kim Mun Kang Motor Workshop to a mock trolley design :

 photo Sentosa10_zpsc2226f52.jpg

The registration numbers were RU12S, RU13P and RU342P. These RU registered single and double deck buses became the main workhorses on the island until the Sentosa Causeway bridge was opened and they were replaced by Volvo B10M buses contracted from SBS.

Sentosa Part 4

December 3, 2014

When the time for the Austin FF1100s to retire, SDC look to SBS again for buses. This time, the model chosen were the Mercedes LP1113s. The buses originally had centre door. All of them were rebuilt by SBS into dual door version for one man operation, the entrance door after the front axle and the exit door at the rear after the rear axle :

 photo sentosa7_zps42df8567.jpg

SDC convert all of them back to single door. The entrance door was retained. The grab poles at the exit door were removed, the two piece folding door welded permanently shut, the pneumatic door open/close mechanism removed, a steel plate cover the steps and a seat installed. The seat at this location has a door on the side instead of a window, quite odd feeling for the person sitting on that seat. From the outside, the buses looked like having two doors.

 photo Sentosa8_zps0d64fac8.jpg
Above : rear view of ex-SBS Mercedes LP1113. Owner of photo : unknown

Acknowledgement : TheBusDude