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Operation Q

November 20, 2013

Such scene are common in the past :

 photo queue1_zpsedf95863.jpg

People rushing and scrambling to board the bus.
In 1969, the National Safety First Council started Operation Q – a campaign to get people to queue up at the bus stop. The aim is to educate the public on the need for order at bus stops for safety and to inculcate in them the right attitude for orderly queues and to be civic minded. Railings were built at 20 bus stops all over the island to encourage people to queue up for buses :

 photo queue2_zpsf6670683.jpg

 photo queue3_zps0b3cf36c.jpg

Initially people used the railings but after sometime, they just ignore the railings and it was back to usual rushing and scrambling to board buses. All of the railings became white elephants and were dismantled eventually. The campaign was a failure. Sad to say, more than 4 decades later, bus and train commuters still do not practice good queuing habits. People jumping queue are a daily occurrence at MRT stations. Other than at bus interchange where railings are installed, queuing simply don’t exists at bus stops. This is “Uniquely Singapore”. I visited Bangkok and few times and I was surprised that people queue up to take the Skytrain, even at peak hours where the train platform was packed with people, there were no rushing or scrambling to board the train. Similarly in Hong Kong and Taipei.

Acknowledgement : Photos from National Archives Singapore

Old SBS liveries Part 2

November 13, 2013

Continuing from last week’s post of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Motor Bus 80th anniversary. With the help of TheBusDude, here are some of the old SBS liveries on a present day Gemilang bodied Scania K230UB single decks.

This is the first livery of SBS, basically all over metallic with red strip above and below the windows. The tri-coloured round logo represent the amalgamation of the three bus companies, red for Associated Bus Service, blue for Amalgamated Bus Company and yellow for United Bus Company :

 photo sbs1_zps4a83e511.jpg

The second livery with bottom half painted red are mainly used for some demonstrator buses such as Nissan U20, Isuzu BD, a Chua Heng rebodied LP1113 and half the fleet of Metsec bodied OF1413s :

 photo sbs2_zpsc289c37c.jpg

The third livery was used on demonstrator buses only. It featured the company’s 2nd red and pink logo :

 photo sbs3_zps855b38f6.jpg

The fourth livery was used only on some of the buses and for a short period of time. It was a transition stage just before SBS changed to their 3rd logo :

 photo sbs4_zps5dc3536a.jpg

The fifth livery was introduced when SBS changed its logo for the 3rd time :

 photo sbs5_zps73356391.jpg

Acknowledgement : Pictures from TheBusDude.

Old SBS liveries Part 1

November 6, 2013

Hong Kong’s Kowloon Motor Bus celebrated their 80th anniversary this year. As part of the celebration, some of their buses were repainted into the old liveries. Singapore Bus Service was formed on 1st July 1973, forty years ago. It would be interesting to see the same happening locally with some of SBS Transit buses painted in old liveries. With the help of TheBusDude, here are some of the old SBS liveries on a present day Wright bodied Volvo B9TL.

This is the double decker livery used on the first batch of BACO and Metsec bodied Leyland Atlantean AN68 :
 photo sbsa_zpsb8a723bc.jpg

This is the second livery after the company changed its logo. It is basically the same as the first one except for the twin red strip above the window and the addition of the company’s ‘S’ logo painted on the window next to the entrance door :
 photo sbsb_zps0643bcfe.jpg

This third livery was first used when the ‘Superbus’ branding was introduced on the Dennis Tridents :
 photo sbsc_zpsd39c5c00.jpg

The fourth livery used on the Olympians continuing on the ‘Superbus’ branding :
 photo sbsd_zpsbfe19fe0.jpg

Acknowledgement : Pictures from TheBusDude.