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Old bus terminus – Opera Estate

June 26, 2013

The old bus terminus at Opera Estate is perhaps one of the narrowest. It is situated at the junction of Aida Street and Fidelio Street :


The terminus was first used by Katong Bedok route 3/3A and STC 23A, 27. It was a mystery why such a congested and narrow street continued to be used as a bus terminus during the 1970 bus re-organisation. STC route 20 and ABC routes 21 and 22 uses this terminus after the bus re-organisation. This terminus was later moved to Chai Chee and finally to Bedok. The narrow streets can be seen below :


Buses on reaching the T-junction has to do a three point turn by reversing into Aida Street. The same roads are now used by SBS Transit’s route 40 athough the buses no longer layover along the streets. Here is a multiple shot of SBS Transit’s route 42 :


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25 Years

June 19, 2013

Here is another folder in the shape of a double decker used by SBS in their celebration of moving the nation from 1973 to 1998. The front is a Volvo Olympian Super Bus :

 photo 25yr1_zps63f15d16.jpg

The back is a Leyland Atlantean :

 photo 25yr2_zpsc9fda7be.jpg

Inside are four limited edition of Transit Link Farecards :

 photo 25yr5_zpsee567c34.jpg

Buses representing each decades from 1960s to 1990s :
1960s is a Vulcun L6PA7
1970s is a Metsec bodied Mercedes OF1413
1980s is a NZMB Volvo B57
1990s is a 3-axle aircon Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian Super Bus

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Bus advertisement brochure

June 11, 2013

A rather creative sales brochure shape in the from of a double decker from SBS back in the 1990s.
Front :

 photo advert1_zps073fe0b1.jpg

Back :

 photo advert2_zpse64deb2f.jpg

The contents page :

 photo advert3_zps8f0699f2.jpg

There are total of 19 pages. The last part on advertisements on Airbus and Sentosa bus were stamped “cancelled”. Price ranges from monthly $3100 for a wholly wrap round advert on a double decker to $80 for a service plate.
Wholly wrap round :

 photo advert4_zpsc8986c02.jpg

Service plate :

 photo advert5_zps51ba56e5.jpg

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Mercedes LP1113

June 5, 2013

LP1113 was one of the most popular bus in the 70s. Most of the “chinese” stage bus companies had this model in their fleet : Changi, Katong Bedok, Tay Koh Yat, Ponggol, Paya Lebar, Kampong Bahru, Green and Keppel bus companies. Many school and private bus also uses this model.
The chassis is based on the 1113 truck, overall length of 10.217m, maximum gross vehicle weight of 11700Kg. The bus is powered by a Mercedes OM352 5.7 litres six cylinder engine mounted at vertically at the front producing a maximum output of 130hp. Gear box is Mercedes type five speed synchromesh. The chassis came with a standard truck front and various builders built the body incorporating the Mercedes front.
Mercedes LP series truck :
Amalgamated Bus Company’s LP1113 on route 33 :
SBS (ex-United Bus Company, ex-Tay Koh Yat) LP1113 on route 149 at Somerset Road :
SBS (ex-United Bus Company, ex-Tay Koh Yat) LP1113 on route 95 at Stevens Road :
All of these buses were originally built with centre doorway. All were eventually passed on to SBS. SBS rebuilt many of them into two door configuration for one man operation. The remaining ones that were not rebuilt were used as training buses.
School bus LP1113 on Scheme B service :
By the late 70s and early 80s, many of the private and school bus operators began to use two door version. Most of these later versions of LP1113 no longer uses the truck type front. Each bus builders built it to their own design.

Acknowledgement :
1. Wikimedia Commons
2. National Archives Singapore

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