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February 27, 2013

The first new 2013 registered bus spotted this year is a Zhong Tong :
Model name given by Zhong Tong is “Catch”. Bus is powered by a 6.6l Cummins ISBE Euro IV engine, the standard engine for most of the buses imported from China.
Registration No. : CB7063B
Vehicle model : Zhong Tong LCK6935H
Chassis No. : LDY6GS8D7A0000190
Engine No. : ISBE4225B21922783
Engine capacity : 6693 cc
Maximum laden weight : 13200Kg
Unladen weight : 8980Kg
Year of manufacture : 2010
Original registration date : 30 Jan 2013

Old bus terminus – Bedok Road

February 20, 2013

Near the junction of Changi Road and Bedok Road is the former bus terminus of Katong Bedok buses. The location is just outside the Bedok Post Office (red colour) :
Katong Bedok bus service 2 and 5 terminate here. The Bedok Post Office building still exists and the upper storey was leased out to Chatsworth Kindergarten. The bus stop in front of the building is the place where the buses lay over :
The terminus saw increased in activity after the 1971 bus re-organisation with ABS services 10, 11, 12, 13, 13A, 155, 155A terminating here. When New Upper Changi Road was built, traffic was diverted to the new road. The short stretch of the “old” Changi Road was cleared and the area became part of Bedok new town. One short stretch of the “old” Changi Road to Bedok Road remains. The Bedok Road terminus was moved to end of this short stretch of “old” Changi Road next to Anglican High School :
Location is indicated in blue colour in the above map. This terminus was finally closed and moved to Somapah, exact date I cannot remember.

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Memories of bus rides – caveat emptor

February 13, 2013

Caveat emptor – buyers beware. For people who are taking Scheme B buses, it is riders beware! On one occasion back in the 1980s, I was going to Joo Chiat from Jalan Ahmed Ibrahim. At the bus stop, a Scheme B bus came along, from the big metal signboard on the windscreen, there were some route details. The sign indicate that the service is going to Joo Chiat and so I board the bus. Maximum bus fare at that time was fifty cents. It is one man operated and no tickets were issued. Passengers just drop the coins into the metal box.
Along the way, there were people getting on and off. Loading was ok. When the bus reached the Collyer Quay opposite Clifford Pier, there were only two passengers left. The driver stopped at the bus stop and declared that he is off service. Me and the other passenger asked him why he is not going to Joo Chiat, which is stated on the signboard on the bus’s windscreen. He insist on not going any further, we have get off the bus. What choice do we have? So both of us get off and wait for the next bus. While waiting, I looked across the road and saw the same bus at the opposite bus stop picking up a full load of passengers for the return trip! This is the hazard of taking Scheme B buses, they follow no rules and they do as they darn well pleases.

Warning : take it at your own risk! No guarantee you will get to your destination!

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February 6, 2013

One of the uncommon bus bodies in Singapore are CAIO Vitoria buses. Only four of them were imported and registered as PH2663S, PH2553B, PH2642C and PH2668D. All of them were built on Mercedes OH1318 chassis were sold to Chartered Bus Corporation.

One of Chartered Bus Corp CAIO bus PH2553B.

CAIO is a bus body builder based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The name CAIO stands for Companhia Americana Industrial Onibus. In 2009, the company was bought over by Induscar Group and the company is now known as CAIO Induscar. Vitoria is the city bus model of the company. It can be built as 1, 2 or 3 doors rigid as well as articulated bus.

A Brazilian CAIO articulated bus on Volvo B58 chassis

When Comfort Bus bought over Chartered Bus Corporation, all four of them were repainted into Comfort bus livery.

CAIO Vitoria PH2663S in Comfort Bus

These buses were withdrawn from service by Comfort in 2010 and two of them were bought over by A&S Bus :

PH2668D in A&S Bus livery

A view of the interior, with original Brazilian seats :


Acknowledgement : Articulated bus from Wikimedia Commons

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