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MAN 24.440 coach

April 26, 2011

Five Stars MAN 24.440 coach PC5555C back in service after a long absence.
The coach was involved in an accident in Malaysia in 2009. The bus was laid up for more than a year till December 2010. It was finally repaired and given a new coat of paint. Not much difference in appearance compared the time before the accident, except for minor differences in the number of decals, missing MAN logo badge and position of the “stars”.

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Private buses/coaches 2005 – 2010

April 19, 2011

It is the time of the year to take a look at the private buses/coaches in the year 2005 to 2010.
The total number of private buses used in the percentage calculation in the below chart is 1049 units.
China buses include Kinglong, Higer, Golden Dragon, Zonda, Yutong, Zhongtong, Sunlong, Foton
Japan include Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, Nissan
Sweden include Volvo, Scania
Germany include Mercedes Benz, MAN
Others : only Daewoo
Small buses are excluded : Rosa, Coaster, Hiace, 515CD, Urvan, etc…
The above data are based on my daily observations, they are not taken from any official sources.
Percentage market share of buses from Sweden and Germany increased slightly compared to all previous years while Japanese models continue to decline. Scania and MAN dominates for the European makes while Isuzu continued to be the only Japanese marque available. No sign of Hino, Fuso and Nissan attempting to re-enter the Singapore bus and coach market.
Overall, Chinese made buses continue to enjoy brisk sales especially Golden Dragon which made a strong come back in 2010 after some initial slow sales.
Rows of Golden Dragon buses at dealer’s yard:

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Old bus terminus – Tampines Road

April 12, 2011

The week before last, I wrote about the Associated Bus Service 80 and 81 terminating at the junction of Tampines Road and Upper Changi Road. This is the map of the location :
The other services which passes by this terminus along Upper Changi Road are ABS route 1 and 2.
The ABS 80 and 81 buses make a u-turn along Upper Changi Road and parked along the road side. The time keeper’s office is just a wooden shed. Next to it is a shelter with zinc roof and two wooden benches for passengers. The ground around the time keeper’s office and shed was unpaved and can be very muddy on rainy days.
Current scene at the same junction, the grass patch was where the shed and office used to stand :
With rapid urban development, the old dual lane Tampines Road which used to run from Upper Changi Road to Upper Serangoon Road was cut into different sections. Majority of the road now became Tampines Expressway (TPE). Note this last small stretch of the old Tampines Road was renamed “Old Tampines Road”.
A photo of a route 2 bus of SBS Transit along Upper Changi Road, with the old terminus on the left:
The same route number 2 was used by Changi Bus company, Associated Bus Service and now SBS Transit for the route which ply along Upper Changi Road linking Changi Point to town.

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Kuokuang MCI coach

April 5, 2011

Motor Coach Industries (MCI) coaches are very common in the United States and Canada.
Taiwan is probably the only country in Asia which uses MCI coaches in a large scale. Whilst the model with the similar body style used in US and Canada are mostly MCI 102s, Taiwan’s MCI coaches are 96A3s.
MCI 96A3 on route 61 arrving at Tao Yuan airport:
These coaches are slowly being replaced with Daewoos.

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