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The long and the short

August 24, 2010

I love the old bus tickets. They came in various sizes and colours unlike the present boring machine printed tickets, especially those printed on thermal paper.
These are the bus tickets used by Singapore Traction Company in 1972 just before the company went bankrupt.
Short standard 30 fare stage version :
Long 52 fare stage version :
The standard ticket or the short version are used by all the STC’s services except for service 30/30A and 42. Both 30/30A and 42 are “cross country” services operating from Telok Kurau in the east and ends in Jurong on the western part of Singapore. Due to the number of fare stages exceeding 30 on the standard ticket, a longer version of the tickets were used.
A comparison:

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Old bus terminus – Stadium Road

August 17, 2010

Carparks A, B and C are originally used for the Park & Ride scheme introduced in 1975. Special bus stop were built as part of the scheme :
Each bus stop comes with a kiosk, time keeper’s office and a shelter for passengers. There are three such bus stop around the area : carpark B along Stadium Drive, carpark A along Stadium Road and carpark H along Stadium Crescent. The one along Stadium Road was demolished.
The bus stop along Stadium Road was the one used by ABS service 45 as the terminus :
The intial fleet of route 45 immediately after the bus re-organisation in 1972 were mainly elderly Albion Victors and Tilling Stevens, all formerly from Katong Bedok Bus. These were replaced after a few months by Mercedes Benz 322s, also ex-Katong Bedok Bus. The final fleet before the service was withdrawn were all brand new Bedford SBs. Route 45 was one of the most complicated ones. It operates two loop service, one clockwise, the other counter clockwise. The route attempt to cover all the schools around Old Airport, Guillemard, Haig, Tanjong Katong and Dunman Road. Number of schools around these area is about 16. It also serves city area via Nicoll Highway to Maxwell Road before returning to Kallang Park.
Schools along route 45 :
1. Tanjong Katong Girls
2. Tanjong Katong Technical
3. Dunman Secondary
4. Dunman Government Chinese
5. Fowlie Primary
6. Haig Boys
7. Haig Girls
8. Kong Hwa
9. Kallang Primary
10. Kallang Chinese
11. Guillemard English
12. Guillemard Primary
13. Guillemard Integrated
14. Broadrick Secondary
15. Maju Secondary
16. Mountbatten Primary

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Marco Polo

August 11, 2010

One of the more unusual bus bodies are these Mercedes OH1318/51 buses :
The body is from Marco Polo, one of the major bus and coach builder in South America.
Three of these buses PA2193T, PA2324H and PA3804H were acquired by Woodlands Transport in 1996. They were used as shuttle buses between Seah Im carpark and Sentosa golf course after the bridge to Sentosa was completed. Private vehicles were still not allowed on the island. The buses bear the blue and green livery of the Sentosa Golf Club. The three rows of seats at the rear off side facing the exit door were removed. A golf bag rack was installed at the area.
All three buses were withdrawn when Sentosa opens the island’s roads to public vehicles.

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Science Centre

August 3, 2010

It was reported in the Straits Times recently that the building of the new Singapore Science Centre at a site near to Chinese Garden was postponed four years due to lack of budget. The current Science Centre was opened in 1977 :
The idea of a Science Centre was decided by the government way back in 1969. The first offices occupied by the Science Centre was at No. 1 Friendly Hill, off Depot Road :
In the early 1970s, my school’s Science Society organised a trip to the place. The entire area was surrounded by thick vegetation. The buildings were previously used by the British military, many of which can still be found at Gillman Village area.
Depot Road has since been re-aligned to make way for Gillman Height HUDC houses (currently undergoing re-building). What was left of the “old” Depot Road, a short stretch which leads to a dead end :
A stretch of Friendly Hill still exists, re-named as Depot Close :
The original Science Centre at Friendly Hill inherited the entire Raffles Collection of 126,000 preserved animal specimens from the National Museum. Due to lack of space, none of the specimens was put on display at the first Science Centre. The Science Centre back then was more of a storeroom and office, a temporary place before a permanent building was built.
The Raffles Collection was eventually transferred to University of Singapore in 1970. Many of the specimens are now on display at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity located at Department of Biological Science, Kent Ridge.

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