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2009 F1 shuttle buses

September 28, 2009

This year’s F1 shuttle buses between Lavender MRT and Marina Bay F1 venue are provided by SMRT.
Beach Road :
Victoria Street :
Jalan Sultan :

The other SBS

September 25, 2009

Mention the word SBS, the first thing which comes to mind for most people is the public bus company SBS Transit. The name SBS Transit was changed in 1997 when Singapore Bus Service (SBS) started to operate the North East MRT line. SBS itself was formed in 1973 when the 3 regional bus companies ABS, ABC and UBC merged.
Three years earlier, before SBS came into the picture, there was another bus company which uses the initial SBS. The company is called School Bus Service Pte Ltd or SBS for short. Formed in July 1970, this “other SBS” company’s shareholders are the 10 chinese bus companies and STC. Purpose is to provide island wide school bus service. With the formation of this “old SBS”, the school bus fleet will expected to be increased from 150 to 600 with 3 years.
So what happened to this “other SBS”?
No record was available. One probable reason is that the company it self did not actually took off and no actual school bus service was operated due to the re-organisation of public transport in 1971. All available buses from the 10 chinese bus companies and STC were fully utilised during the 1971 re-organisation.

Old terminus – Upper Bukit Timah Road

September 15, 2009

This is the current bus terminus at Bukit Panjang :
Before the terminus and all the HDB houses were built, the bus terminus is by the roadside along Upper Bukit Timah Road. This is a map showing the old location :
This is the view of the road towards Woodlands:
A row of two storey shop houses used to occupy both sides of the road. The traffic junction is formerly a roundabout T-junction. The buses coming up from town will make a u-turn at the round about and terminate on the right hand side.
This is the view from the traffic light junction towards town:
Buses which terminates here in 1972 are :
5 (ABC)
180, 180A, 181, 182, 193, 200 (UBC)
All these services originally terminates at Edward Circus at seven and half milestone Bukit Timah. Due to the conjestion at the area, the terminus was moved to Upper Bukit Timah.

Buses galore at AOH 2009

September 7, 2009

This year, private buses were used for the shuttle service between Boon Lay bus interchange and Jurong Camp. At least 25 buses were seen parked along Boon Lay Way waiting for their turn to pick up passengers at Boon Lay:


September 3, 2009

Monster 16 wheelers on the road :
The first 3 sets of wheels can be steered.