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Scania K230UB Euro V

May 25, 2009

SBS Transit new Scania K230UB bus at Boon Lay :


This bus is second batch of Scania ordered by SBS Transit. Total number of units will be 400. This second batch is slightly different from the first batch of 500 units. The latest batch meets Euro V emission standards, causes less pollution. There are also some physical differences : different electronic destination display and internal sitting arrangement.

Mammoth Major

May 10, 2009

Surprised to find one of these UK built Leyland bowser still in operation at one of the air field. I first saw one of these at the road side along Upper Bukit Timah Road back in the late 1970s. The vehicle was originally painted in yellow and carried military MID plate, probably serving at Tengah Airbase (nearest to Upper Bukit Timah).


Note the vehicle still bear the vehicle manufacturer’s badge : Mammoth Major although the Leyland badge below the windscreen was painted over.
(Note : a bowser is an aircraft refueling vehicle, it carries a pump, jet fuel filter, hose and a jet fuel tank).

NTU – Pioneer MRT shuttle

May 7, 2009

NTU student union started a express shuttle bus service between NTU and Pioneer MRT station to compliment (or compete?) with exisiting SBS Transit’s service 179. The service will operated from 7.30am to 10.30pm daily Monday to Friday. The bus operator is Tong Tar, currently also operating the campus internal bus services. The route will follow the internal service A inside the campus where boarding and alighting is allowed. Oustside NTU, the buses are only allowed to drop off and pick up passengers at the bus stop outside Blk 649A Jurong West Street 63.
New bus stop sign at the bus stop outside Innovation Centre, NTU :
One of the bus leaving Innovation Centre bus stop :
Note the miserable small NTU-Pioneer sign at the front windscreen.

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