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Kiasu people taking MRT

January 15, 2009

Yesterday while on the way to work, I waited at the platform for the train to arrive. The last train had just left and so I was among the first few passengers. I stand on the side of the markings on the platform floor so as not to obstruct people alighting when the next train arrives. While waiting, this idiot came up to where I was standing and stood right in front of me as if I am invisible. I was pissed. So rude! I kept quiet and waited. When the train arrive and just about to stop, I moved right in front of him deliberately and blocked him. Not a correct thing to do because I am stepping beyond the yellow line. When the train door open, I position myself so that this idiot cannot dash into the train. I found a seat and sat down and because of my me, the idiot could not find his favorite seat, which is the one next to the door as other passengers had already entered the train and occupied his favourite seats. He dash around and tried to go to the next carriage but was not successful. I wanted to take a video of this Bozo and his clownish antics but could not do it because there were a number of other passengers around. There was an empty seat next to me, he had no choice and took the seat next to me. After a few seconds, he suddenly got up and went out of the carriage to wait for the next train. Probably pissed at me for spoiling his daily kiasu routine.

Next morning, again I was at the MRT platform and lo and behold, the same idiot came. Aha! Here is my chance I missed yesterday. I secretly took photos of his kiasu-ness with my handphone :


See how inconsiderate of him, ignoring the markings on the floor and stand at the place right in front where the train door will be when the train stop.
Here he is just when the train pulls into the platform, so kiasu that he ignore all safety and step right up to the edge of the platform :
Hope one day this son-of-a-bitch gets whack by the train for standing so close to the edge of the platform when the train pulls in and I hope I will be there to have fun filming!