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Annual migration

December 21, 2008

This is the season for annual migration up north. No, I ain’t talking about birds. December is the period when hordes of locals head up north to Malaysia for holidays. Today at Boon Lay is the first time I have seen the most double deckers in addition to some single decks :
Four Soon Chow built deckers, three from Five Stars and one from Konsortium K Class waiting to pick up passengers along the road side.
Two more Scomi bodied deckers at the car park.

Old terminus – Alexandra

December 11, 2008

Right in front of NOL Building at Alexandra Road is a road side bus terminus :
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Bus services which uses this road side terminus in 1972 are ABC 22, ABS 51 and UBC 93.
Here is the map of the location :

The terminus was later moved further down to Labrador Rd. Here is a photo of the former Labrador Road terminus :
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The terminus was finally closed when the Seah Im Rd / WTC terminus went into operation.

Country roads

December 6, 2008

I love to travel on “country roads”. Two lane roads which were spared the bulldozers and modernisation. Roads with lots of greenery. It brings back memories of my childhood days when life is care free. There are not many such “country roads” left. While passing by the old Jurong Road, I could not help but stop at the road side and took these shots through the windscreen of my car:
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The first time I travel on this stretch of Jurong Road was during one of the visit to my brother who was serving NS at SAFTI during the 70s. United Bus Company 174 and 175 were the only bus services on this stretch of road. Both the services uses Mercedes LP1113 buses. UBC 175 goes all the way to the end of Upper Jurong Road and terminates at Tuas fishing village whilst UBC 174 turn off Upper Jurong Road into the old Nanyang University. The roads were so narrow back then that whenever two buses passes each other in the opposite direction, one of them will have to stop and let the other one squeeze pass. The two lane road now is much wider. When it was my turn to enlist, I was sent to SAFTI for my SISL course (now call SAFINCO) and I too have to travel on this road every weekend when I book in and out of camp.
Here is a modern day SBST 174 :
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