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Freezer bus, brrrrrrrr….

October 14, 2008

Passed by a factory at Jurong and saw this Bas Pekerja parked out side the gate:
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I took a shot with my camera from the road side. The bus looks like a Mitsubishi Rosa, very common in Singapore but very rare in Malaysia. What caught my attention wasn’t the make of the bus but rather the huge air-con pod on the roof. These type of air-con are normally use on big 40 seater buses. Does such a small bus need such a big air-con? Hmmmm….must be ferry some eskimos to work at the factory.
For the uninitated, Bas Pekerja = factory bus, the type of bus licensed by Malaysian gahmen to transport factory workers. All must be painted in blue colour.


October 3, 2008

What does a hard core bus fan does during the F1 weekend? Go see the fast cars? No. Go and take photos of buses being diverted due to road closures and some of the buses chartered for the race
(to the non bus fans, I can imagine their eyes roll up, muttering “oh sooo boring”, lol).
Anyway, here are the photos.
Buses diverted and terminating at Supreme Court Lane/Coleman Street:
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Service 700 at Hill Street:
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SMRT Bus uses some new Mercedes mini buses for the City Hall MRT – Suntec City shuttle :
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There are also some very old Mitsubishi Rosa mini buses on shuttle service. This one dates back to 1998. What a shame! For such “glam” event, they use such crappy buses :
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For those people going to the F1 race itself, the organisers has charters a fleet of SBS Transit double deckers to fetch them from Lavender and Kallang MRT station :
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