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Konsortium coach

June 29, 2008

Konsortium Bas Expres Semananjung has gone local. Majority of their coaches are registered in Malaysia. This is one of the new coach with Singapore registration spotted on AYE during the evening rush hour :
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The coach is a Scania with SC Chivalrous body. Owner is Cheery Travel, Cheery Travel also have two other Scania coaches with Alisan Express livery but with coach body by LP Jaya of Malaysia.

service 000?

June 18, 2008

Went to work early in the morning. Saw this bendy bus :

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The number displayed “000”. Eh? Since when did we have service “000” at Boon Lay?
I was curious what was displayed at the front so I overtook this bus and look at the front desto. This bus is is on service 180. Everything was normal on the front desto.

Here is another shot from the back :

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I normally don’t pay attention to rear destos and this is the first time I noticed a rear desto with red EDS. SMSed Soon Hup and ask him about this bus. According to him, the bus originally displayed number as well as text asking motorist to give way to buses exiting.

Zonda buses

June 16, 2008

Zonda has appointed a company here to market their bus and coaches. Went down to Tuas to look see after work. The company is TM Motors. This company does repair and servicing of trucks and buses. This Zonda coach was parked facing the gate :
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A check on their website showed that this coach is one of the A9 family of coaches.
Zonda was well know among bus enthusiasts all over the world for the dispute on bus design with Germany’s Neoplan.

Luxury Express

June 9, 2008

Went wandering at the northern part of the Singapore last Sunday. Saw this workshop with a Luxury Express coach parked inside:
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The gate was locked but this was the shot through the gate :
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A number of Luxury tour coaches were also inside.
This Malaysian registered coach was found parked at the road side :
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